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Why sell with TIL?

Why sell with TIL?

Follow sales in real time

Keep track of the details of the sale of your machinery

Receive tracking information and payments immediately

How does it work?

Contact us via E-mail or telephone

We will prepare a management agreement and TIL will get to work on the project

We will list and value the machinery

We will put it up for sale on the website and conduct a marketing campaign

Check on your sales as they happen and receive payments immediately

How does it work?

Our departments

Sales department

Personalized service

Inspection and valuation

Market research on prices

On-site auction management/ online

Logistics department


Compliance with occupational health & safety

Managed scrapping

Destruction and safeguarding of files in line with Data Protection Law

Advice on dismantling & transport

Waste management

Marketing Department

Search for potential clients

Visibility within the sector to obtain the best sales price

Advertising and promotion

Administration Department

Accounts management, invoicing and payments

Change of ownership

Preparation of documents for exports (Packing List, CMR, SAD etc.)

Management registry entries, embargoes etc.

Quick sale

Sell at a fair and profitable price

Thanks to the TIL marketing strategy, you will achieve a quick and efficient sale

Keep track on the process in a totally transparent manner

No need to worry: TIL will offer you a full comprehensive service as provided by our sales, logistics, marketing and administration teams

Quick sale